Nimbal has leveraged the best open-source technologies and developed a market disrupting tool that accelerates test automation. We have developed this tool to address the challenges that make automation daunting – time, cost, complexity, skill and scalability.


How Nimbal helps you stay ahead of the game:

  1.  We provide you with:
    • an out-of-the-box automation framework – no set up time, ready to go with a comprehensive library
    • a web management portal – to give everyone in your team including management executives full visibility of tests, reporting and analytics 
    • comprehensive web IDE – to run tests from any device on any browser from anywhere
  2. Extremely low learning curve:
    • all tests are written in Gherkin (simple english) and each step can be auto completed using dropdown options. 
    • Junior testers can carry our end-to-end automation with just 2 hours of training. 
  3. Scalability and integration: 
    • our solution can be configured to run on any CI/CD (by default we run on Jenkins), use any Code Repository, run on and test any web browser, run and test on any OS. 
    • Application specific use cases are also available (e.g. Salesforce)
Automation is Daunting, Nimbal makes it Easy 
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Case Study:

Nimbal supports any CI/CD platform. See how our customer, Vibe.Fyi uses Nimbal to run on Azure Pipelines. 

  • User selects a test case in the Nimbal portal and triggers the automation build in Azure DevOps where multiple steps are executed.
  • Once the execution is complete, Nimbal checks the logs and notifies the testing team of the job status.
  • Recordings of all the executions to the Nimbal Tree can be viewed live.
  • These recordings and screen shots can be viewed by your team stakeholders, project managers and executives, or even your customers for UAT signoff – All from a single interface.
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