About Us

How It Started

“Craig and Janke came to me with a problem: a client had far too much to test and nowhere near enough resource to get it done in time. As an expert in agile testing, I have plenty of experience building processes and teams across several industries, so I knew we could find them a solution. Together, we worked with the client to not only get their testing done, but to set them up for easier testing in the future.

 A few months later, we all got together for a beer and agreed that there must be lots of other businesses struggling with this same issue. That’s why we want to talk to you!”

 Yadwinder (Yogi) Sharma – Founder of Nimbal

Our Team

Yogi is the brains behind Nimbal. As a recognised leader in agile testing, he has worked for several digital businesses,  building processes and teams, and through that time he has developed a set of tools that enable people to work faster. 

Janke is an entrepreneur and technology consultant with over 20 years’ experience delivering large, complex or emerging tech projects for NZ Enterprises. His focus is on business value, outcomes, and demystifying technology so that organisations can make decisions with confidence.

Craig Simpson


Craig has extensive experience in Software Development having spent 10 years running Agile Dev teams. He is also an active entrepreneur with businesses that range from off grid power solutions to blockchain property.

Pushkar Dhawale

VP – Technology

Pushkar has more than 15 years of experience in Full Stack Software Development and Delivery for NZ Enterprises. He has been passionate about practicing agile development using BDD methods for more than 7 years now. he has also coached multiple development teams to adopt agile development techniques and successfully established Automated DevOps Infrastructure  for Continuous product development.

A message from our Founder