Case Study:


NuVeda provides a Continuous Learning Platform for Organisations using innovative learning technologies. Their platform CALF™ is AI-powered and serves industries such as Healthcare, Retail, Professional Training & Education, Insurance, and Non-profits.

NuVeda provides over 300+ courses for Individuals, young professionals, Managers, and Leaders that can be delivered over any device (e.g. PCs, Laptops, tablets, Mobiles). Everything is managed which lets the client see the behavioural and business impact of any programme.


Before NIMBAL, Nuveda were running all their tests manually. Due to rapid growth, specifically signing up well known global brands, they needed to ensure that the testing before deployment was comprehensive and reliable. Management had low visibility of testing and therefore low confidence in the quality of their releases. Hiring more testers to keep up with growth and the exponential increase in complexity would have been an expensive and time-consuming prospect.

  • NIMBAL helped Nuveda’s team of 3 manual testers implement test automation, training the team to use the NIMBAL Products and framework. Their testers were able to switch to Nimbal test automation within a few days, with only a few hours’ training and support (standups).
  • NIMBAL seamlessly integrated with NuVeda’s existing systems. They were also able to run multiple tests concurrently.
  • NIMBAL Auto provided the team at NuVeda with hourly Slack notifications from regression testing. NIMBAL Tree allowed them to view the list of automated tests, group and schedule test cycles as well as view live executions, reports, screen shots and recordings.

Nuveda’s team of manual testers began with minimal knowledge and zero experience in coding; but thanks to Nimbal, they were able to, putting asside only 10% of their time, automate more than 50% of their test cases in the first 3 months.


Nuveda used the AWS Device Farm for its NIMBAL test infrastructure. This enabled collaboration between testers, easy updating of test systems, remote access, as well as rapid scaling for performance testing.


NuVeda were able to repurpose the time and money spent on the human resource to manually test each case every time there is an update and instead use it to continually increase its automated test coverage. Nuveda executives can now have confidence in their deployments and release updates more frequently.

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